Modernization has gotten with it the need to create septic aquariums. While in the yesteryears, the idea of having a reservoir was not even thought about, leave about making one, in the present generation, it has become a requirement. Septic reservoir requires a pit to be dug. 

The right position of the reservoir is crucial. A defective development not only effects the floor rivers, but also brings in negative efforts to the home. The nasty fragrance, in addition to solar and attractive rays, would enter the home, thus destructing it. To get some useful vasthu recommendations and recommendations about the placement and placement of the reservoir, read through the following lines.

Vaastu Tips For Septic Tank

  • The location of the reservoir should be such that it should not face south-east, north southern or the western area under any condition.
  • Dividing the north part into nine equivalent areas, the reservoir should be in the third part of the north-west route.
  • Make sure that the reservoir does not straight touch the walls of the substance or the plinth of the home. The reservoir should be at least 2 legs away from the walls or plinth.
  • The reservoir is separated into three areas. Ideally, the water should be in the southern part and the removal should be on the western.
  • In situation you are experiencing lack of space, the reservoir can be placed in the north area of the western part. However, create sure that it is about 2 legs away from the substance walls.
  • Ac per vastu shastra, the length of the reservoir should be in the east-west route, while the depth in the south-north recommendations.
  • Do not build the reservoir higher than the plinth stage of the developing. The best bet would be to create it at walk out.
  • In compliance with the vastu shashtra, the store of the reservoir should preferably be in the north or the western recommendations.
  • Additional Tips
  • The tube joints of the rest room and bathroom should have its store in the western or the north-west area. The tube joints of the kitchen, on the other hand, should be redirected to the southern or north route.
  • Do not have the tube joints in the southern route at any cost. In situation you have tube joints that have an store in the southern route, create sure you redirect their store to the southern or north route.
  • The rain gutter of the developing can be in the north, southern or western, but totally not in the southern route.
  • For those remaining at upper-storey, create sure that the waterflow and drainage tube is not in the south west area. In situation it is in the same, ensure that it does not eat.


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